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Pool Gateway

Upon crossing the threshold of the room where the indoor pool is located, B’litk momentarily loses its sense of direction. Up, down, left, and right are redefined as its multiple sensory organs adapt to a pocket dimension whose rules are no longer the same as those of the regular material plane.

The only constant is the magnificent arrow-head shaped pool. B’litk is not sure if the pool is embedded on the wall, sprouting from the ground or falling from the roof, but it matters not. What matters is the reflection of its waters, as if they were made of pure liquid metal.

Upon a closer look into it, B’litk’s sensory organs can perceive that something floats inside the pool. No, not one thing. Several objects are drifting as if in an eternal dive in its waters.

B’litk can’t tell from outside the water, but at least one of them seems to be in the shape of an anchor. Could it be that its ticket home is just one quick dip away?

"Come on, the end is close, help me decide."