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The Observatory

As with everything else in this strangely interdimensional mansion, the small balcony is not so cramped after all. It extends into a full corner surrounding the exterior of the house.

B’litk is surprised by the breadth and quantity of astronomical equipment in the otherwise empty observatory. Several telescopes – reflectors, refractors, and catadioptrics – of different apertures and magnifications line the balcony walls and windows. There are exquisitely decorated theodolites and astrolabes, and a few bronze armillary spheres, probably each representing a unique system of alien celestial bodies.

But above all, there are charts and books: large tomes and even larger drawings of star systems, constellations and their respective mythological stories. Somewhere in all this vast knowledge, B’litk is sure to uncover the location of a time-anchor. The only problem will be to find it.

Is it worth it for B'litk to delve deeper into the knowledge of the stars?

galaxy, starry sky, star

Yes! Go check the star charts, the answer will most likely be there.

portal, gateway, pool

This will take too long. It is better to check the pool on the other side of the balcony.

"I am really undecided, what should I do?"