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The Deep

A quick multi-appendage sprint and B’litk jumps into the pool’s waters. The temperature is just perfect. Simultaneously cool enough to refresh B’litk’s tired body and as warm as the embrace of an old friend. B’litk gives a big gulp and feels the heavy liquid flow into its body, tasting like a thousand meals.

B’litk looks under itself and sees the objects floating a bit farther than it thought before. Probably just some water parallax, it reasons, as its powerful appendages beat in synchrony, waving its body down, deeper into the pool.

Interesting enough, now that B’litk is inside the pool, it cannot see its borders, its walls, or its bottom. Which is weird, since the water is completely transparent, even though it is much denser than most liquids B’litk has encountered in its life.

And the objects continue to be quite far away.

B’litk doubles its efforts, swimming with all its strength. Even all its time drifting in the timestream did not make it so tired. B’litk once again drinks of the velvety water, feeling it is well hydrated and nourished, or at least quite full.

The objects are almost within its reach.

A sudden current flows down and around B’litk, pushing the objects deeper into the gateway pool. It could swear one of them is actually a time anchor. B’litk continues swimming down. Feeling exhausted. Drinking more of the crystalline water.   

The objects no longer matter.

B’litk’s sensory organs feel sluggish and dull. The hugging waters are so comfortable. Its belly is so satisfied, so heavy. Its appendages no longer move. Its skin slowly changes into a smooth, crystal-like feel.

One more object floats, forevermore out of reach, inside the deceitful waters of the gateway pool.