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Empty Ballroom

Taking a few steps away from the fiery portal, B’litk follows your advice and walks deeper into the ballroom. A quick glance shows the dragon is still on the other side, patiently looking at it.
“Well, the dragon does not appear to be in any rush. Good call. Let’s explore first; we can always come back later.” B’litk’s words are printed on your screen.
The ballroom is so vast it seems the seasons themselves change as B’litk moves from one side to the other, checking adjacent hallways and crossing under iron archways. The light of the nightly sun barely penetrates the hidden darkness of the mansion. In some places the floor is full of debris and dead plants, while in other sections it is so pristine that B’litk can see its own segmented body reflected under its appendages.
After some exploration, only two sections of the interconnected areas of the ballroom awaken any curiosity, or potential, in B’litk’s mind.

It stops in the middle of the ballroom, trying to make up its mind and waiting for some advice.


On a small balcony is a sort of observatory, with lots of stargazing equipment and star charting books.

moonlight, telescope, astrology

Pool Gateway

A large indoor pool, shaped like an arrow-head, reflects multicolored shadows all around it.

portal, gateway, pool

"Water or stars? What do you think?"