Dear reader, this is Stanlei Bellan, creator of B'litk and author of T Is for Time Travel.

I hope you enjoyed B'litk's journey as much as I did, because I have an invitation for you.

You deserve a lot of credit. It took a lot of perseverance to have arrived here. Not only did you read T Is for Time Travel once, but you embarked on B’litk’s challenge, found the gemstones spread through the stories (which required at least another superficial reading of the book) and then you came to this website and made your choices until you finally saved B’litk.


But what if that was not the end? What if you could not only help B’litk, but also help create B’litk’s adventures? 

I want to invite you to help create more stories for B'litk!

There are so many different dimensions that B’litk can visit. The timestream is infinite and so is B’litk’s longevity in the hands of creative people.

If you are up for it, we can expand this adventure into a more complex and fun choose your own adventure. What will happen when B’litk enters the portal with the icy ship? What other portals can it find in the timestream, and where will they lead?

What about the time-anchors? What are they? What other powers do they have? And what about Lord Time? How is he involved in all of this?

The world of B'litk is wide open, an you can help develop it.

Just fill out the form below and I will contact you about next steps.