Save B'litk from the time stream

"Thanks for coming after me,
I really need your help!"

B’litk’s words etch on the other side of the rectangle it is holding onto inside the timestream. “After a few centuries behind the timestream, I finally developed a form of limited two-way communication. Apparently, in your dimension there is a thing called Internet that I can use to interact with you. But the interaction is still quite limited.”

B’litk adjusts its appendages to hold its position, trying to fend off the worst of the timestream currents. “I know it seems just a few moments since you first read my words in your device, solved my challenge, and came here to help me, but from my point of view, hundreds of years have passed. I managed to entice enough time dreamers into dreaming to restore the broken Timeshard, but in the process I got completely lost in the timestream.”

B'litk, from its precarious position, can see two possible paths ahead of itself.

“To find my way to my own timeplace, I need a time-anchor. They are ghostly after-effects from Lord Time himself. The problem is that they can only be found inside timelines with high levels of chronal entropy.”

B’litk believes it has found two potential timelines to search for a time-anchor. In opposite directions in the timestream, they are both teeming with chronal entropy.

“Which one should I choose?”

The icy ship

The portal downstream shows a watery, icy world, filled with ancient ships and galleons. They are probably more than meets the eye, as the level of chronal entropy coming from this direction indicates many time travelers. And ships would be a good place to start looking for an anchor.

ship, water, ice

The flame dancer

Upstream, another portal shows an enticing flamebeing dancing with abandon in an otherwise dark world. Time-anchors always cause strong elemental disturbances, and a fire elemental might have the knowledge to guide B’litk to one.

flames, fire, woman

“There is no way back. You have to help me.”