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Magma's Well

B’litk jumps onto the thin rope, gently gliding down into the well. The heat increases at every inch of descent. Every few feet it looks up to check the well’s entrance, still open, but increasingly smaller.

“I really hope you made the right choice.” B’litk’s words once more show up on the screen directed to you. “I never heard of Dante, or his Inferno, but it must be really cold to be the opposite of this.”

The unexpected rappel eventually ends as B’litk reaches the end of the thread. It’s back appendages test the crystalline pendant, which to its surprise is not hot at all. It lands on it, still holding on to the crimson rope.

B’litk investigates its surroundings. It is an infinite sea of magma under a black dome made of burnt rock. It can no longer see the light of the well’s entrance. It is too far down. Below it, floating on the lava, small islands of gem-made polyhedra shift around in an endless dance around the pendant.

As each comes closer to B’litk’s view, it can see that random trinkets and objects lay scattered on each island.


""Should I explore those small floating islands and risk falling in the lava? Or is it better to go back up to the Dragon?"

Back to the Dragon

B’litk laborioulsy climbs back up the scarlet filament, until it faces the dragon once again.

dragon, woman, fire

Lava Lake

Small islands of blackened gems float on the lava, unaware of B’litk’s plight.

fire, lava, embers

"Forward or backward? Your call."